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John Hughes Sermon at St James

later@saintjames with Charles Whitehead: Video now online!

Worship, Confession, Guidance and Celebration – Resource Sheets

Here are the resource sheets to go with the Community Disciplines:

Spiritual Disciplines – worship resource sheet

Spiritual Disciplines – confession resource sheet

Spiritual Disciplines – guidance resource sheet

Spiritual Disciplines – celebration resource sheet

Darrell Tunningley – My Story – Video from 18th September 2013

Darrell Tunningley being interviewed at Saint James Centre 18th September 2013

Darrell is a former drug dealer, addict and convicted armed robber. While serving a five and a half year prison sentence, Darrell attended an Alpha course. God dramatically changed his life, releasing him from a world of violence and anger.

Respond to the Philippines

Respond to the Philippines Crisis

Last week’s typhoon has killed more than 10,000 people and the death toll is rising.  Centrally populated areas of the Philippines, which took the full force of Haiyan’s 195mph winds, have seen millions displaced.  One of our core missions TEAR Fund is responding to the desperate need of the 9.5 million people affected.

TEAR Fund is part of D.E.C which is the umbrella organisation co-ordinating disaster relief and is working with its local partner in the Philippines, to provide necessities such as food, water, medicine and shelter to all those affected by the disaster.  Their network of church partners provides them, uniquely, with a strong, safe and widespread means to respond.

Please give to a nation of people whose lives may never return to what they were this time last week.
If you would like to give directly follow the link below:

Solitude – Resource Sheet

Here’s the resource sheet to go with this week’s sermons on solitude:

Spiritual Disciplines – solitude resource sheet

Video Shorts: Tom Holbird on Simplicity

These video shorts are part of our sermon series on spiritual disciplines: Three to five minutes from a member of Saint James, giving a personal perspective on a spiritual discipline. Watch them during an email break, on your way to work, on your smart phone when waiting for someone or in your lifegroup…

Submission – Resource Sheet

Here’s the resource sheet to go with this week’s sermons on submission:

Spiritual Disciplines – submission resource sheet

Service – Resource Sheet

Here’s the resource sheet to go with this week’s sermons on service:

Spiritual Disciplines – service resource sheet