Who’s Who at Saint James?

Meet the team at The Two Saint James

Ben Topham

Associate Rector

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Ben works closely with Martin in leading the team. He is also responsible for Sundays and Pastoral Care.

01753 278950


Meyrick Beebee


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Meyrick supports the welcome to newcomers and our Alpha courses. He also hosts the Men’s Breakfasts.

07956 435025


Chris Lion


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Chris is a training curate and will be involved in the many different aspects of ministry at the two St James.

01753 883311

Hazel Robinson

Finance Officer

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James Leach

Director of Training

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James is responsible for co-ordinating and developing the training resources at St James.

01753 886480

Jill Roth

Associate Minister

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Jill has specific pastoral responsibility for St James Fulmer, and mission to the village.


Neil Wilson

Worship Leader

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Neil leads the worship and media team at St James. He is also responsible for training and mentoring our musicians.

07709 305123


Guy Mansell

Children’s Pastor

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Guy leads our children’s ministry, co-ordinating the many groups and activities for those aged 0-11.

01753 278952


Tim Norton

Youth Pastor

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Tim co-ordinates the youth ministry at St James, leading a variety of activities and groups for those aged 12-18.

01753 278963


Kathryn Aboud

Youth Leader

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Kathryn works alongside Tim and the youth teams, to help develop the youth work at St James.

01753 278963

Debbie Henry

Worship Co-Ordinator

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Debbie works with Neil planning the worship for our Sunday Services .

01753 278951


Andrew Howard

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

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Andrew is part of our children’s ministry team. He helps to co-ordinate and equip our many children’s ministry volunteers.

01753 278952


Nici Johnson

Church Operations Manager

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Nici leads the office team and is responsible for our week to week operations.

01753 278954

Sandie Norton

Families Outreach Worker

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Tanya Wilson

Assistant Children’s Pastor

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Saint James Staff Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell

Warden, Gerrards Cross

Saint James Staff Anthony

Anthony Bargioni

Warden, Fulmer

Saint James Staff Ed Clarke

Edwin Clark

Warden, Gerrards Cross

Saint James Staff Frances Hall Drink Water

Francesca Hall-Drinkwater

Warden, Fulmer

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