Podcasts, Sermons and Talks

Ten+ years of recordings available.

You can listen to our podcasts all the way back from October 2007 to today. There are three main ways of listening to these talks and downloading them which you can find below.


SoundCloud is the website we use to host our files. There is an app for mobile devices and you can download the talks in full without any sign up.

Podcast Site

This website contains our archive of sermons from many speakers on a number of topics. For the latest talks please use SoundCloud

My ChurchSuite

Members of Saint James have access to an iPhone/Android app called “My ChurchSuite” – Within the app there is a section for our Podcasts which will update automatically as new ones are made live.

I can’t use those options, I need a CD

We are happy to produce a CD copy of the resource you need. We just need you to fill in the below form and we will then email you when the copy is ready for collection.

CD Order Form

If you have any issues please contact us.

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