The best hour of every child’s week!

For children aged 0-11 (from birth up to school year 6) is in the Saint James Centre, split across three different age groups.

The Vision and Values of PromiseLand

All our values reflect the desire to give children the opportunity to experience the Christian faith in a lively, personal and supportive way.

PromiseLand meets on Sunday’s at the Saint James Centre behind Saint James Church in Gerrards Cross.

Registration opens at 10.30am in the morning and 3.45pm in the afternoon, allowing you to get into church for the start of the service.

Why is PromiseLand the BEST hour of every child’s week!

On arrival children go straight to Activity Stations, a range of exciting games and activities to suit all tastes and personalities.

In Large Group all the children meet together for creative Bible teaching that is fun and relevant with; drama, stories, games and music. Children learn about God’s love for them, even in our crèche a Bible story with key concept is taught in an age appropriate way at each session.

At PromiseLand everyone is part of a Small Group. Our trained volunteer small group leaders unpack the Large Group teaching, in an age-appropriate way, helping the children to grow in their understanding and faith. Each child is part of a small group from the age of 3½.

PromiseLand is inclusive: we aim to provide appropriate help from our Special Friends Team for those children with physical or learning difficulties.


Get on the inside track and get involved. PromiseLand needs many hands, gifts and talents. Help us to make PromiseLand the best hour of your child’s week.

Get In Touch

For more information please contact the Children’s Ministry team on 01753 278952 or email

For more information about children’s work at Saint James, speak to our staff team on
01753 278952

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