Guide to AV Software

This page explains how to use our AV software, what settings you need to apply after install and other key features.

Get a login for Worship Extreme

You should have received an email from Worship Extreme to create an account, this lets you log into the software. If you have not received an invite please speak to the Worship and Media Team. Remember your email address and password that you use to login.

Once you have this, download and install Worship Extreme from here:

Install NIV 1985 edition

NIV – 1985 edition – Extract the file inside this ZIP folder.

Go to settings in Worship Extreme

Go to Bibles

Import Bible

Locate the file

Click import.

Then go to DEFAULTS at the top of the list in settings.

Change Default Bible to NIV at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

Install Open Sans Font

Open_Sans – Extract the files inside this ZIP folder.

On Windows you can select all the files, right click and install, you may need an admin password to do this.

Close and re-open Worship Extreme after the font is installed.

Settings you must change after installing the software on a new computer


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Screen configuration

The resolution should be set to the same as your DISPLAY SCREEN.

Library & Database


All done. You do not need to adjust any other settings.

End of page

We will update this page with new tips and guides as needed. If you have questions or concerns please speak to a member of the worship and media team.

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